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Does Cartoon Violence Have Shirts For Sale?

Cartoon Violence has a dozen shirt designs for sale through their Threadless Artist Shop. These are high quality shirts printed on-demand using a DTG (Direct To Garment) printing process. This allows them to offer a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes, without having to worry about keeping stock on-hand. These designs are largely taken …

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Does Cartoon Violence have any music videos?

A scene from Cartoon Violence's music video for the song "Data, Input" about a lonely robot looking for love in the city.

Of course! Cartoon Violence‘s first live action video for the song Data, Input was directed by Jesse Dana and stars a group of robots humping various objects in San Francisco to make more robots. Watch the video here on YouTube or embedded below: Cartoon Violence has released 13 teaser music videos for their upcoming album, …

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Who are THE REAL Cartoon Violence?

The Real Cartoon Violence are an American nerd rock band from San Francisco. Since their original demo CD in February of 2009, many other bands using the name Cartoon Violence have emerged on the internet and other places. The Real Cartoon Violence are not a 7th wave Ska band from an unpronounceable Welsh town. The …

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When will Cartoon Violence release their next album?

Cartoon Violence USA’s first full length album, Robots and Dinosaurs, was released on February 4th, 2014. It was recorded in August of 2013 at Ocean Beach Studio, and contains 5 re-imagined songs from their demo CD Beer and Pickles along with a bunch of new songs, including Dearest Dana and It’s A Trap, which have …

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Should I compare Cartoon Violence to a Summer’s day?

Yes, please do. You may also compare Cartoon Violence to a day at the fair, a walk on the beach, or a roll in the hay. Please do not compare Cartoon Violence to a Summer’s Eve. Tweet

What Is Cartoon Violence? Who are Cartoon Violence? Which is the right question to ask?

Cartoon Violence is a musical tornado, hell-bent on straddling the thin line between glory and apathy. The music they create moves mountains, dethrones dictators, liberates children from shoe factories, and paints over all of the graffiti that isn’t “art” with tasteful murals. Tweet

What genre of music does Cartoon Violence play?

Like a quadratic equation, there is more than one answer to this question. The first answer is ‘awesome’, while the second answer is often calculated to be ‘geek rock’ or some other genre which passes the Squiggly Line Test. When dealing with equations in the complex plane, oftentimes the value of Cartoon Violence’s genre can …

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